This week was  a great success. I mean look how cool I look?IMG_20160717_164442858

This was taken on the way back from the gym on the last day of Sunday (which happily stayed above 23 degrees!). Yes, I was sweating profusely while this was taken.
This week I walked 47,224 steps. This equals 23.612 miles. And brings my cumulative number of miles up to 84.4675 miles. Seriously very proud of myself.

Also realised how enjoyable walking can be when the weather is spectacular and you can put on a decent playlist and work up the sweat.

I walked past the entrance to Nottingham castle. IMG_20160717_163701790_HDR


And faced a winding path. So naturally, I had to follow it…IMG_20160717_163842848_HDR

Taking shelter from the heat under the dark shadows of large trees. IMG_20160717_164202522IMG_20160717_165231983

And somehow stumbled upon a cottage nestled in an alley.IMG_20160717_170325891

I was also faced with difficult decisions along the way; which path to take?IMG_20160717_170551091

All in all the weather this week has been amazing and it really pushed me to enjoy my surroundings more. But this is something I need to learn for when the rain inevitably visits again…


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