So this week was a little bit scary, to be honest.

I walked a total of 26.2 miles, which is 52,473 steps! Very proud of myself. I even managed to beat my previous week’s total of 23.6 miles.

But on Friday I only walked 464 steps before incurring an asthma attack. Essentially just went out to the park, high levels of heat and pollen got to me, triggered my hayfever, and sent me wheezing to the A&E department.

I was going to insert a photo of me with an oxygen mask on, but someone told me that it makes me look mad scientist-esque. So just make do with your imagination.

Because of Friday’s hiccup, I spent 2 days in hospital and 1 day recovering. But managed to bust out 14,082 steps on Thursday – one of my best days, yet.

Here’s some pics from Tuesday (my 2nd best day of 9236 steps). It was a warm evening with a slight breeze in the air, just enough to cool people down without making them reach for their jackets.


Fountains were turned on in the square, to complement the sweltering heat as families sat nearby basking in the sun.


I zoomed into the council house – the centre of the square – before realising there was, in fact, an anti-nuclear protest happening down below…


I attempted to shuffle away quietly to not draw their attention, but kudos to them for braving this weather!





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