So week six’s post is has come a little late considering it’s five days after week six actually ended. Here’s the gist of things. I’ve been feeling a little down, and walking is actually helping me right now, but it means I’ve been slacking on updates. I know, it’s not cool, and I am definitely going to get back on the grind and post for each week on the Sunday of that week.

Also, it means I only have one picture from week six because I haven’t actually been in the mood to take any. I know. I know I sound like the worst blogger ever. But I’m going to try.

Let’s just go over some statistics, though. In week six, I walked: 35,568 steps. This is 17.784 miles. This was quite impressive but only because when I was down in the dumps, I ended up walking a lot more just to clear my head. I think this highlights an important thing: the importance of exercise – even if it is mild – for mental health. It’s hard to deal with, but going for walks will help just to stay afloat in stressful times. You won’t necessary be smiling after it, but you’ll be proud of yourself – especially if you’re taking on a challenge and you accomplished a small goal (like me).

The Saturday of that week was also my brother’s birthday, so we took him out to buy trainers. Running around with a seven-year-old meant I got some serious walking in that day!


So here’s to not feeling down next week and never giving up on the main goal. 🙂


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