WEEK 11 – Major Catch-Up

Hey guys, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been inconsistent for a long time, but that’s about to change. I promise to you, my current and future readers, that I will do my best.

So here are last week’s stats:

  • total steps: 33, 120
  • total miles: 16.56
  • My best day of the week was Sunday with 8001 steps
  • the cumulative total of steps so far: 427, 616
  • the cumulative total of miles so far: 213.683

Last week I struggled a few days. I think that really spurred me on, on Sunday, to walk as much as I could on the last day of the week, to bump my total above the baseline.

I actually started something else as well! Basically, I decided to document some of my walks, every week, on YouTube. I call it my ‘Walking & Talking Challenge’. And my first video is already up on my account. This video has little structure to it, just an intro and me rambling on. Do you get it? Rambling… ah.. okay, never mind. Anyway, click here to view the video. My next videos will all have a structure to it where I’ll be covering a recent topic each time. So come along and ramble with me and do like and subscribe and comment and just support me, guys! I have discovered that it’s not easy to walk through public talking to yourself and videoing, so I really do appreciate any comments and stuff. 🙂

Here’s some pics of me on one of my walks around my local area:


It was a gorgeous, summer evening! x


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