Week 12 – Goodbye Summer

So this last week just gone was pretty difficult to be honest – personally, I mean. A few hiccups came up and I just had to walk through it. I think that’s the best thing about this challenge. That even when you’re going through something like a personal tragedy or just having a rough day, all that is required of you is to put on your trainers and step out and just walk. You don’t need to go to a specific place, you just need to follow your feet. And eventually – you might not feel in high spirits afterwards – but you will have accomplished something. And sometimes that’s all you need to be able to sustain your day, or just keep you going despite not wanting to. So, here are last week’s stats:

  • total steps: 36,350
  • total miles: 18.175
  • My best day of the week was Wednesday with 7326 steps
  • the cumulative total of steps so far: 463,967
  • the cumulative total of miles so far: 231.8585

Wednesday was actually my best day because I was out and about and went to the gym and actually I had my pedometer app on whilst I was on the treadmill – so it ideally recorded many more steps than I would take on a gym-less day.

And below is a picture I took on a walk on Monday of last week. It was such beautiful weather, and now that’s turned into grey muggy skies. Let’s hope the weather gets a bit drier this week. x



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