WEEK 14 – Returning after a hiatus

So basically I had to take a lot of time out due to exams and school work and now I am kind of back on it again. The good part of this program is that you are allowed to take some time out and return to your tasks later, which helps me a lot considering my last 6 months or so have been too hectic. So onward I go.

I am still recording things with the pedometer app on my phone. This means that even when I’m doing errands and going to the shops to get food or when I’m commuting to and from university, I can just let the app run in the background, and it records all my steps. This means I don’t really need to go out on an outing specifically to do with hiking. I can just go about my daily routine and that’s it. So this past week has actually been okay in terms of walking targets.

This week I have achieved:

  • Total no. of steps: 25865
  • Highest day: 8359 steps (Wednesday)
  • Lowest day: 97 steps (Sunday)
  • Total mileage for the week: 12.9325
  • Cumulative no. of miles: 257.3955

I find that in general it has been a really good week. I hadn’t quite reached the desired mileage I wanted but that’s okay, as some days I did not even venture out unless I had school or tuition. This rings true for Sunday where I achieved a grand total of 97 steps. This is me returning to the kitchen to get more Jaffa Cakes. I shall aim to do better and venture out, even on my slow days, this coming week.

Here are some pictures throughout the week:

On my way to tutoring I made a furry friend. Usually they run away but he liked to hold his pose for this one.


My walk from the station to one of my students’ houses is quite charming; I usually pass this local theater with a cute Cafe out front.


I also pass a lovely, modest patch of green, surrounding a flat concrete surface with fountains spurting out of the ground. The pictures are deceiving, for the weather was so warm and dry at this time.


So I decided to make the most of it, and sit down for once. All this rushing around doesn’t really do anyone any good unless you’re doing it for the Queen. And plus, I left with some minutes to spare before tutoring began.


And finally I caught a glimpse of the sun breaking free of the marshmallow fluffs surrounding it.


This place is actually quite good for people-watching, and if you look to the side, you’ll also catch some tiffs between football players in the court.


But it just means I get to rest my legs and sit down for a bit. And admire how dirty my trainers are. But these are actually, great for walking and sports and basically every day.


Also a good tip – if you know you’re going to be walking everyday, be sure to buy the stretchy kind of jeans that are flexible to leg movements. Super-stretchy jeans are sold in Primark, and they’re pretty amazing, even compared to jeggings. It doesn’t chafe you even when you bend your leg in (as demonstrated in the picture) – so comfy.


And the joy of summer is that on the way back from tuition, small roads and it’s foliage can catch the last rays before dimming entirely.


The following day, I had to go to Kings Cross station to catch the train back to my flat, and came across the lovely sight of St Pancras poking the sky (ignoring the crane looming over it).


The following Saturday, I went out with some friends, so decided to wander around the smaller, almost quaint-looking areas of London. Tiny streets bustling with many people. We set out to go to the comic book store, by cutting through Covent Garden and found ourselves quite lost. That is, until we came across an American sweet shop.


They had quite a few things, mostly stuff I’ve never heard of before. But the colour combinations and the ‘in-your-face-ness’ of it all, really did draw me in.


We kept on walking and found ourselves basking in the sun that was leaking into each tiny street.


Before long, we returned by taxi, only to venture out again into a local estate. We saw flowers that glowed so white, even though the day was dimming fast.


Lastly we saw something rather peculiar; a curved frame with leaves and vines entwined throughout it – really elegant I thought.


And that’s my week 14. The post was a bit long, sorry about that. But I’m really trying to take more pictures wherever I go. It’s difficult to do that, when there’s no other reason to take those pictures, apart from for myself and this blog. But I’ll make it my goal.


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