Week 15 – Park life

Hi guys,

It’s been another 2 weeks after posting so I’ll be posting week 15 and 16 in one go. To be honest, it’s not been that exciting; just intense heat all of a sudden and deadlines creeping up on me. This week’s stats:

  • Total no. of steps: 30,863
  • Total no. of miles: 15.43 miles
  • Best day: Friday with 6386 steps
  • Worst day: Wednesday with 2500 steps
  • Cumulative no. of miles: 272.827

So this week was quite good in terms of steps. I completed 15.43 miles this week (approximately). I know it’s still under my week 1 (baseline) 15.9 miles. However, I’m quite proud of it, considering that week, I achieved a pretty high baseline. Thus, keeping up with it alone is an achievement.

The first day of the week began with tutoring. I managed to shoot this photo on the way back from a student, on a particularly sunny evening. I love it when the sun is still in the sky at 8:10 pm.


The following day I took a trip to Covent Garden which was lovely.


Bustling crowds and a very talented busker. I absolutely love buskers especially in busy streets. Sometimes more than a few people stop by at once, and just stand and appreciate the music. After this song, she also announced her appreciation for the man on the box – her father!


Later on in the week, a trip to Finsbury Park ensued. It seems as soon as the weather becomes warm enough, all people flock to the park. Families with pushchairs and crying toddlers, sharply dressed business men who loosen their ties and remove smart blazers, to sit in the warm shade of a tree and eat their lunch. And of course, runners who are in the park day in and day out.


Hidden in this picture is a concealed cafe behind the bushes – where the lights are. It’s lovely for a treat or for a light summer dinner – but it’s mostly useful for bathroom breaks as it seems to have the only washroom in the park.


I wish I took more pictures but I think I’m just not wired to take pictures when I’m out. I tend to just forget – oops – but the following week I definitely took more. It’s hard when you’re walking to take pictures; I’d much rather walk and take the scene in, getting my phone out doesn’t really come to mind!

Either way, I got many, many steps in, on week 14. Let’s hope this lovely weather continues for longer.



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