Week 16 – park afterlife 

Hey guys,

So, this week has been pretty much similar to last week in terms of no. of steps I have walked. I also did go to the park a lot as well.

This week’s stats:

  • Total no. of steps: 30,636
  • Total no. of miles: 15.32
  • Best day: 6591 steps on Friday
  • Worst day: 2026 steps on Thursday
  • Cumulative total no. of miles: 288.145

Overall, my stats have been good this week; I was again just shy of my baseline of 15.9 miles a week. Then again, it’s a high baseline so I think I can let myself off. It wasn’t a particularly challenging week with the weather. It more or less ushers you out the door to walk around and work up a sweat. My worst day entailed me not really doing much besides going to uni. I went outside to get food at some point, which surprisingly racked up a few steps.

But my park saga continued with making my way to Finsbury Park again. I came here the previous week, but it is a massive place and difficult to see properly in one go.

So I set out for the park straight after finishing uni for the day.

Once I got inside, I set my sights on finding a nice spot to sit in. Unfortunately this fella had already placed dibs on this area.

Then I found myself seeing an old friend; I seem to have many run-ins with squirrels in the park.


By now it was way past noon; roughly 5pm, but it was still quite hot which meant looking for shade. I found myself crossing a winding path.

This was followed by eventually finding a shady spot to settle down and do some work in, however I was not prepared for the amount of creepy crawlies that ended up between the pages of my essay.


But soon after my attempt at studying, I gave in to simply doing nothing, and watching the park go by.


Before moving to get some more sun. I also saw a lovely old couple who were hobbling along the park. An elderly gentleman with his walker and a lady in arm with a walking stick. It was quite adorable.

I eventually settled into a sunny patch of green. Then attempted to sunbathe my face and arms and any other exposed bits. I’m quite bad at dressing for unexpected warm weather. I’m always thinking to pack extra items; in case it rains or in case it gets cold or in case I need a jacket. But I was quite happy rolling my sleeves and jeans up.

And even more so when another furry friend joined me. I love dogs. It’s owner was reading and it came over and licked me. If that doesn’t tell you someone likes then I don’t know what does.

It was an okay week, all in all. I think the warm weather was welcomed and necessary. Definitely worth trekking out into the parks for. I say trekking…I should probably say “the search to find a perfect park spot”.

I do hope that next week’s weather holds up and that I can take some non-green pics as well.



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