Week 17 – spontaneous expeditions

So this week was almost my best week to date. In week 3, I achieved almost 31 miles for the entire week. BUT this week, I got down 27.1 miles. Which is insane. I had a VERY busy week.  I was in the lab for the majority of the days doing my research project with my stressful, grumpy supervisors, which meant coming back tired and also very a bit grumpy. However, it was in this week me and someone else decided to undertake a walk to nowhere – this means getting out of the flat door and carrying on walking … and walking… until you decide to turn back and head home.

My stats for the week were:

  • Best day: 17,319 steps (!)
  • Worst day: 5,450 steps (still pretty decent)
  • Total no. of steps for the week: 54,239 steps
  • Total mileage for the week: 27.12 miles (waaaay above my baseline of 15.9)
  • Cumulative no. of miles so far: 315.26 miles

The first place I stumbled upon was actually a basketball court with graffiti on the back wall. I loved the  art on the walls and I’m quite fond of the different types of graffiti. This particular work was of globally famous sports stars. We tried to name all of them – and almost did!


After walking through a few streets we didn’t recognise , we found ourselves entering a park. I’ve always loved parks. The way they just are a respite from the usual urban walkways and areas and provide some tranquil greenery that is safe and reassuring among the noise of traffic and the street lights.


Venturing further into the park, we were immediately met with a cosy-looking path that was incredibly inviting.

“Shall we do it?” “Yep”


After a while of exploring the corners of the park, we actually somehow walked into a gigantic reserve and found ourselves in the midst of a countryside-esque scenery. We knew it when we saw the pylon. 20170604_193924.jpg

And something that looked so enchanting and mysterious simultaneously, like it belonged in The Secret Garden.


We left the other side of the grassy tunnel, to be greeted by the underneath of a bridge with graffiti on again – and stood for a few seconds to read the words and slow down our walking pace. It felt like we were out of the reserve, but we were in the thick of it, still.


And we realised that when we found ourselves at a path that indicated the reserve was coming to a close. We, admittedly, were secretly grateful that we were out of there as by this point we had been on a casual walk for about 2 hours!


And it was sign enough that our walk was very much worth it, that we were rewarded with the sun seeping through the rumbling clouds – kind of resembling a silver lining, actually.


We enjoyed a lovely, breezy walk along the canal-side, which also hosted some drama, when some random youths decided to attempt to christen someone else’s boat with their own bottle of Champagne (and I do not lie when I say that I retrieved my snacks out of my bag to watch).


All in all, it was an amazing walk. More or less like a spontaneous expedition out of the flat to get some steps in my day, but ended up being a few solid hours of nature appreciation! I’m definitely going to aim to do more spontaneous walks in the future, watch this space…

Aroosa x


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