1. How have you calculated how many steps you need to take every week? 

It’s estimated that 1 mile is 2000 steps. So, no. of steps ÷2000 = total miles. My target over 12 months is 870 miles. This is 18.125 miles/week; which is 36250 steps/week.


2. Which Duke of Edinburgh award are you doing? 

I’m doing the DofE Gold award


3. Which pedometer are you using? 

I’m not using a pedometer, I’m using a pedometer app called “Pacer”


4. Why are you doing this challenge?

Why not?! It’s a great way to discipline and get fit at the same time as completing a DofE award. Also – you will come to know – that am going through a bit of a rough patch lately, and I am trying to combat the stress and worries and depression with walking. We’ll see how that goes.


5. Tell me about you? 

I’m 22 years old and live in Nottingham. I also study a science degree in London 🙂


6. Why document it on YouTube? 

I’m documenting my walking challenge on YouTube, and calling it my ‘Walking & Talking Challenge’. I basically record some of my walking routes every week and talk about relevant issues at the same time. Come and support me, guys! Click here  for my channel 🙂