1st Milestone

The milestones of my challenge are the eight sections of the Wales coastline.

The 1st milestone is 136,000 steps; the distance of the smallest section of the Wales coastline – “Carmarthenshire”.

There just aren’t enough words, I’m extremely proud of myself in my third week to have surpassed this target. Honestly, I didn’t even actively trek anywhere but in week 3 alone, I walked 61,111 steps. This brought my cumulative total, at the end of week three, up to 214,111 steps so far. This is huge. All I did was make small changes like going for walks around my local area and making sure I chose a longer route or a route I wouldn’t normally take. I’d also pace a lot when I’m on the phone (which is a habit I have anyway), and keep my phone with me when walking more in the house e.g. whenever I went up the stairs.

I haven’t had anyone walking with me so far but I’m going to get someone to photograph me each week walking, just so I have some proper memories of me in the act! Let’s make it to the next milestone 🙂

Aroosa x