3rd milestone

So the third milestone of my challenge is the third section of the Wales coastline: Swansea and the Gower. The three sections cover a huge total of 414,000 steps, which I accomplished midway through week eleven.

Thus, so far, I have walked three out of eight parts of the Wales coastline – a dent of 37.5% of my challenge. I can’t tell you what this means to me, guys. To know that I’ve already walked more than a quarter of my challenge – a huge 870 FLIPPING MILES – and now I’m approaching the halfway point is crazy. All I can say is that what keeps me going is the small targets.

All that I’ve been doing is aiming to beat my baseline of sixteen miles per week. That’s all. And last week, I surpassed eighteen miles per week. All I do is keep my pedometer app on all the time and keep my phone with me in my pocket or bag, and yeah, it doesn’t require me to go out on a crazy hike every day, as there are off days where I will maybe only walk approximately 1000 steps. But I aim to make up for it the next few days and all the steps add up. So I would recommend this challenge to anyone who just wants to boost their physical fitness levels and accomplish a goal that maybe seems far off but really isn’t.

Here’s to the next section. 🙂